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Mission & Vision of Beth Shalom


Our Vision:

     Connect - Engage - Inspire

Our Mission:

     As an inclusive, diverse, and egalitarian, Conservative

     synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom’s mission is to

     connect, engage and inspire by providing a warm, inviting,

     and spiritual environment in which our kehillah (community)

     can learn, pray, serve and celebrate together as part of our

     valued, extended family.


Five Pillars of our Mission:

בית־תפלה  Beit Tefilah (House of Prayer):
We strive to create inspirational t’filot (services) that are 
participatory and engaging, in keeping with the Halachic standards of Conservative Judaism. Our services preserve tradition with an eye towards modernity in order to meet the ever-evolving religious needs of our community.

בית־מדרש Beit Midrash (House of Study):
We seek to offer the highest quality educational opportunities for our kehillah, from youngest to oldest, in order to enhance the knowledge of our Jewish heritage, teachings, values and prayers.

בית־כנסת Beit K’nesset (House of Assembly):
We provide diverse opportunities for our congregants to socialize and connect with one another.  Our Beth Shalom family supports one another through the joy of simchas (celebrations), life transitions, and in times of grief. 

בית־עם Beit Am (House of the People):
We actively engage in social action and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).  We teach our children through both word and deed to live the commandment V’ahavta L’reyecha Kamocha (to “love thy neighbor as thyself”). Our kehillah encourages us to become more responsible global citizens.


בית־ישראל Beit Yisrael (House of Israel):

We believe that Zionism is an integral part of our Jewish identity and that protecting the Jewish people's right to self-determination in M’dinat Yisrael (the State of Israel) is a core value.  We support Jewish communities locally, nationally, and abroad.







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