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Pesach Guide and Power of Attorney



The Committee on Jewish Law & Standards (CJLS) Kashrut Subcommittee2 Introduction by Rabbi Elliot N. Dorff, Chair, CJLS

The Rabbinical Assembly has an updated Passover Guide.  To view or download this guide, go to: The Beth Shalom office will be happy to print  a copy for you which can be faxed or sent in the mail.  Just call the Office at 770-399-5300 or email







As you know, it is forbidden to either consume or be in possession of any hametz (leavening) during the Passover Holiday. Traditionally, we sell any hametz  that cannot be disposed of through the agency of the Rabbi.  For your convenience, the following contract for the sale of hametz  may be executed and mailed.


Click Here to go online the Power of Attorney or fill in below and print and return to office


It is also customary, though not required, to make a small contribution at the time of sale. Proceeds collected from the sale of hametz  will go towards MA’OT CHITIM – Passover assistance for needy Jewish families.



I, the undersigned, hereby empower and authorize Rabbi Mark Zimmerman to act in my behalf  to sell, relinquish ownership or give as a gift, all hametz which is in my possession, whether knowingly or unknowingly, at present, or which may come into my possession up to the 14th day of Nisan in the year 5783,                   corresponding to April 5, 2023 until such hour that hametz is permitted to be sold: i.e. hametz,  doubtful hametz, and all types of hametz mixtures, as well as all flour, cereals, alcoholic drinks, utensils, and all hametz imbedded in them, whether inside or outside my house, and all other places of mine, whether owned or rented, where hametz may be found, irrespective of whether the hametz belongs to me or is in my  possession or responsibility.


NAME ______________________________________________________________










Thu, March 23 2023 1 Nisan 5783