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A Community Action program to feed hungry children each week. 





What we do?  One in six American children go hungry across the United States as some point during the year. Many cannot afford to consistetently purchase nutritious and wholesome food.  Often times, these children receive their only good meals at school. So what do they do when they don't have school? Backpack Buddies provides food for these children on weekends, to  make sure that they stay nourished for the subsequent week. In addition to feeding the children, volunteering is a way to connect with the community here at Beth Shalom


How can you help?  Volunteers meet every Sunday morning to pack food to be delivered on Wednesday.  We are always looking for packers or people to deliver the food to the schools.  You can also donate food or make a donation of $180 to support a child for one whole year!


We accept food donations:  In the synagogue's lobby, we have a barrel where you can donate food. We accept single-serve, non-perishable items that can be easily opened. A full list of food is located on the barrel.


Which schools do we serve?  We are now delivering 100 meals each week to 3 elementary schools...Kingsley, Montclair and Woodward.


This is a real mitzvah program for our Synagogue to give back and participate in our community.  If you are interested in participating, please call or e-mail Samra or Ronald Robbins as they are co-chairing the Backpack Buddies’ program.


Samra….(912) 844-9127 or

Ronald…(912) 272-6245 or


To make a donation CLICK HERE



CLICK HERE to view a wonderful article about this program from DeKalb county

Thu, June 1 2023 12 Sivan 5783