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Matzah Appeal 5778

Dear Friend,

Each year we gather around our Seder tables and tell the Passover Story about the Israelites’ escape from Egypt. The narrative continues in the Torah as the Israelites wander through the desert and reach Mt. Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments and the instruction from God to Moses:

                                 “And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them” Ex. 25:8

Moses makes an appeal to the Israelites to make contributions to help build the portable sanctuary, the Mishkan, which will serve as a spiritual home while they wander through the desert.

Now, we aren’t asking for gold, silver, brass, linen, goat hair or ram skin, as in biblical times, but we are asking that you consider a donation to the Beth Shalom Annual MatzAppeal. This last fundraising appeal helps Beth Shalom finish the fiscal year by covering the costs to maintain our “sanctuary”, shul, our holy place of gathering.  Membership dues cover only 48% of our operating expenses.  The shul relies heavily on the generosity and commitment of our members to help us meet our budgetary obligations.

On behalf of Congregation Beth Shalom Board of Trustees, we wish you and your family a meaningful Passover. Click Here to donate. We thank you and appreciate your continued support for Beth Shalom.


                           Carolann Reiter

             Carolann Reiter, VP, Development                                


Sat, April 21 2018 6 Iyyar 5778